Magen Thurman

Magen Thurman is a worship leader and singer-songwriter based in the Dallas, TX area. Her life was changed by the love of Jesus when she was just 5 years old, and she has never looked back. “My dad helped lead me to the Lord and my mom taught me how to worship the Lord. Now, my desire is for others to know and understand the love God has for us, because this is what changes our lives,” Magen shares.

Magen’s leadership is marked by vulnerability, sincerity and authenticity. One of Magen’s deepest desires is empowering people to live 1 John 4:16. Her passion is helping people learn how to live, worship, grow, love and exist as God’s Beloved, because when the people of God begin to believe it, they begin to experience God in incredible, new and life-changing ways. She has been invited to speak, sing, and teach at conferences, women’s events, and churches across the country.

Magen is also a mother of two little girls and a wife to Cory Thurman. For 10 years, Magen was a full-time worship leader at McLean Bible Church, which serves the Washington DC metro area. After the birth of their two children, Magen and Cory returned to the Dallas area. Magen now teaches and leads worship at Park Cities Baptist Church. Magen and Cory have been married for 13 years and they have two beautiful daughters, Ragen and Willa.

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